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PhD Colloquium on Ethically Driven Innovation & Technology for Society – 2019 (PhD EDITS-2019) aims to bring together highly motivated community of like-minded PhD scholars to exchange their experiences and innovative ideas. PhD EDITS-2019 provides PhD scholars with the opportunity to present their work and ideas in all areas of Electronics, Communication and Computer Science to their peers and mentors, who are experts from industry and academia. The colloquium contributes towards a transformative journey for PhD scholars, who will not only receive feedback on their research but also learn about fundamentals of the research journey including research ethics, research publishing and proposal writing. The colloquium provides excellent opportunities to network which is imperative for academic/research career development.



  • Enhance the research quality and create research culture
  • Provide insights on research ethics and benefits of working together as a team
  • Facilitate instant feedback to scholars through open discussion with peers and experts
  • Promote industry connect & collaboration
  • Offer networking opportunities imperative for academic/ research career development
  • Provide a platform to showcase novel ideas for continual development of society



The goal of this PhD colloquium is to support scholars in planning, producing and publishing impactful quality research. To facilitate this, PhD EDITS-2019 invites doctoral students to submit their work, which can be at any stage of the research process (proposal, intermediate or near completion). Contributions from all application areas and topics, directly or indirectly related to a variety of Engineering & Technology in ICT related domains are invited. Two kinds of contributions are invited; extended abstract (2-3 pages) or poster. Accepted papers will be submitted for possible inclusion into IEEE  Xplore (refer author’s guidelines for further details). Participating scholars will get an opportunity for one-to-one interaction with experts that can help strengthening and shaping their work as they progress towards their PhD degree.

Prospective authors are invited to submit articles in the following areas (but not limited to) according to the IEEE Conference Standards.